September 30, 2021

Student Shares after completing Level I – QI 50 – Certified Qigong Instructor Training Program

If you are looking for a change that is lasting you will achieve that which you seek through the practice of Qigong.
My deepest gratitude to both of you (Tanya and David) for your guidance, support, and compassion while embarking on this journey. I could not have asked for anyone better to walk alongside me. Learning and practicing Qigong is so fulfilling on so many different levels, and I know this is not the end but just the beginning. My heartfelt thanks to you both.

Level I – Qigong Instructor (QI 50) Training Program – 50 hrs

This All-Inclusive program is designed to be completed in one year*. It is the first level in the Qigong Instructor Training Program. After completing Level I, you will be given the title Certified Qigong Instructor – QI 50, through Qigong Awareness, LLC. For example Jasmine Lawrence, QI 50. You will also have met all the requirements to begin Level II of the Qigong Instructor Training Program.

This All-Inclusive program allows for each student’s unique teaching style to emerge. We provide a solid base by instructing you on how to teach a one-hour Qigong Exercise class. You will also learn additional Qigong Exercises that you can incorporate into the classes that you instruct. This program is designed to prepare you to be a successful Qigong Instructor, capable of teaching a one-hour Qigong Class.