April 29, 2019

I benefitted greatly from this course. My acupuncture treatments have improved with the use of these Medical Qigong Techniques. Sometimes I feel that even though my clients do not understand Qigong very much they definitely feel my overall intent is increasing to try to make them feel better, and my overall treatment results seem to be increasing. The highlight of this course for me was deepening my understanding that chronic stress is the root of inflammation. I am trying to gently lead my clients into Qigong practices, meditation, high vibration eating, associating with people who make them feel happy, and many other lifestyle modifications. They do not all “get it” but at least I can show them a good example of how I try to live and hopefully open a door for them.

Thank you David and Tanya for your Great Work. The planet needs people like you who are passionate about healing people in mind, body and spirit. Keep up the Good Work!