October 18, 2022

Certified Qigong Instructor with Qigong Awareness, Lora Tod, Shares After completing Level I

While I was familiar with David and Qigong Awareness through NCCAOM and his online classes, I had not had a chance to meet him in person before the Pandemic shut down.  I took a few months off from practicing acupuncture when the Pandemic started. It became a great time to study and get some CEUs completed.  David also began offering more live classes over Zoom, with half-day seminars and weekly classes.  From the beginning of the first class, I felt David was speaking directly to me, and I spent the next year participating in any class he was doing on Zoom.

The logical next step was to complete the Level 1 Certification for teaching. As I continued a consistent Qigong practice, I could feel many changes in my body – energy moving, increased balance and flexibility, emotional release, greater energy level, and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.  Now I am teaching a weekly class, offering this knowledge to those in South East Michigan, where awareness of Qigong has been very limited.

David is very much a master teacher and healer, studying Qigong, martial arts, and other energy-healing modalities for almost 40 years.  David has the discipline to become an expert at whatever he studies, so there is a lot he can teach you!  One of the reasons I follow him as my teacher is I have heard him say, “I am not here to become your Master, I’m here to help you become Masters of yourselves,” a statement that I highly value.  Now I am lucky enough to make yearly visits to Willmington for live seminars.  David and Tanya do an amazing job, and I’ve met so many great people in the classes.  At 48 years young, I feel the best I’ve felt in 20 years! I highly recommend Qigong Awareness Programs.

Lora Tod, LAc, QI-50 – Gross Pointe Woods, MI – Return To Balance – Acupuncture and Qigong Clinic

Level I Certification Program Link: https://qigongawareness.com/online-certification-programs/