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This workshop was LIFE CHANGING!

Thank you David and Tanya and Bella. I have been a Massage Therapist almost 11 years, and of ALL my CE classes I have taken in the past, this is BY FAR the one I can truly say I got an Awakening experience from.

This workshop was LIFE CHANGING!

I have learned so much from these past two days that have impacted me in ways that I so much needed as a healer! Thank you!


Jamie C. Hendricks, LMBT, CMA – Shallotte, NC November 15, 2018

…he has helped me tremendously along the way… with his words… with his wisdom… and with his energy.

"I had not even heard of Qigong when I first walked into David Coon's class while vacationing in Wilmington, but 5 minutes in, I knew I was hooked. David is more than an incredible instructor and a healer, he is a walking miracle and his light is absolutely infectious! Through practicing the techniques he taught me, I healed my back pain, and knee and hip pain that had been slowing me down for years. I no longer have need to see my chiropractor. But more importantly, David has given me tools to heal myself of past trauma and manage my anxiety. After months of debilitating night sweats, heart palpitations, chest pressure, nausea, and sleeping only 2 to 3 hours a night, he has taught me how to ground myself and recognize the healing power of mind over matter (energy). My awakening process has been a mixed bag of highs and lows, and he has helped me tremendously along the way... with his words... with his wisdom... and with his energy. I honestly cannot recommend him enough! I look forward to working with David again next month in my own home town of Tampa Bay. Do not miss the opportunity to work with this true master and angel on earth!"

Laura McLoughlin Layky - Tampa, Florida October 1, 2018

It is hard for me to express exactly what I’m feeling but this course resonated with me on a much deeper level…

Thank you!

It is hard for me to express exactly what I'm feeling but this course resonated with me on a much deeper level than "Alchemizing Stress". The energy was more palpable and the philosophy combined with technique application was tangible. Maybe it's because of the lesson. Maybe it is because Qigong is now more a part of my everyday life. Maybe because of something else. Maybe all of the above.

Again, my words fail me at this point to truly express on what I can only describe as what I feel or taste. They do not however elude me so much that they do allow me to say a heartfelt "Thank You!". 🙂

Winifred Boyd, LAC Westbury, NY September 17, 2018

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I also believe connect with Mr. Coon will benefit people suffering from chronic disease and/or unknown illness.

"To meet NCCAOM recertification requirement,  I need to take some
classes. When I saw Mr. Coon’s online Qigong class “The ultimate mind
body medicine”, I was skeptical what I could learn from a hand on
Qigong practice online? After I followed the video instruction, I was
surprised on Mr. Coon’s teaching techniques and experiences. Without
any asian culture background, he makes the qigong so easy to
understand and follow. It is hard to believe the knowledges and
concepts he has regarding Chinese medicine, qigong and philosophy are
100% accurate; even the words he quoted during the class refer to the
Buddha's teaching also 100% accurate. He is a genius.

During the class he has mentioned about the distance healing.  Again
this is something hard to believe and proof. I like to share this
remarkable phenomenon with you. I had asked Mr. Coon about the
limitation of qigong practice at day & night. He wrote back to me at
8:07 AM on August 12 ; I wrote to him at 8:36 AM the same morning;
then he responded to me at 8:41 AM right away. During 8:36 AM to 8:41
AM that same morning I felt Mr. Coon was in front of me and our chi
was connected, even though I did not know where he was. It is hard to
describe. But it was simple, I was in his mind and his thought. Mind
is Chi; Chi is mind; When you are focused and concentrated, chi goes
to where your mind goes; Especially when you are in deep meditation,
you are thinking someone in other continental, your chi also will
reach there too. As your meditation progress, the distance healing
power and psychic power will start to develop. I believe Mr. Coon has
these powers. I also believe connect with Mr. Coon will benefit people
suffering from chronic disease and/or unknown illness.

Shwurong Lee, LAc - California September 5, 2018

David Coon is an excellent teacher, and I have been using everything I learned from him since attending the workshop.

Attending the intensive, Qigong for Back Pain, was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in recent years. I learned breathing techniques, exercises for specific areas of back pain, and beginning techniques for energetic healing, called Medical Qigong. David Coon is an excellent teacher, and I have been using everything I learned from him since attending the workshop. Equally important, he is an accomplished healer. I am still aware of a shift in my own subtle energy patterns that began at the workshop.

Lola Williamson, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies - Hickory, NC June 26, 2018

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It is an honor to have such a passionate and talented teacher come in at this point in my life.

I truly enjoyed attending David Coon’s Medical Qigong Intensive seminar in Westminster Colorado! I am an acupuncturist and have studied qigong before this weekend. I always felt like I had a lot of holes in my qigong training, and there were many things I did not understand. David did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating everything. I’ve walked away feeling like my understanding has grown a great deal.
It is an honor to have such a passionate and talented teacher come in at this point in my life. We had people from all walks of life in our class from healing professionals, to retired people, to people who work in the corporate world with no qigong experience. The exercises are simple enough for everyone. I can easily teach them to my clients, and also get a great deal out of doing them myself. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is thinking about learning qigong! and also to anyone who has studied it for a long time!

Karen Moreland, Licensed Acupuncturist, Colorado Springs, CO June 8, 2018

Qigong and David Coon have dramatically changed my life.

Qigong and David Coon have dramatically changed my life. Anyone that knows me can testify to how much I've battered my body the last 25 years. 6 years ago I had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor from behind my left ear. They severed my acoustic nerve to remove it and nicking my optic nerve leaving me completely deaf on the left side as well as extremely light sensitive. I've had balance and seizure like episodes ever since. After multiple injuries (a 3rd left knee ACL replacement, bent sacrum, separated right shoulder, torn pelvic tendons and stem cell injections, to name a few) and multiple family deaths (including my father and later followed by my young nephews in a tragic house fire) I came to David defeated, both physically and mentally. I was a volatile, crumpled ball of intense energy and anger, spiraling in a deep, dark place, who was ready to implode at any time.

Since mid-August, 2017, Qigong and David have helped me become an entirely different person. My balance has returned and I'm able to move around relatively pain free. I couldn't walk two blocks before and can hike a few miles now. My anxiety has dropped significantly, from totally spun out 110% to relatively calm currently, I'll give it 35% with a few spikes. My anger issues have peacefully been dissolving leaving much more forgiveness and care. Most importantly, I'm beginning to find my heart which is buried deep in the rocks surrounding it. I will forever be grateful for David and his teachings through Qigong Awareness. It's unbelievable how far I've come as a person in such a short period of time. I'm excited for further advancements! Thank you David!!

Trevor Hughes June 5, 2018

Live your best life and own your greatness. Qigong is a way…..

"Sometimes in your life, you are inspired to change and become extraordinary.  At 61 years old, I received my Red Belt in Tae Kwon-Do and also became a Qigong Instructor and Medical Qigong Practioner through Qigong Awareness and David J. Coon.  My journey began in 2002, when I met David in the middle of a divorce and a gallbladder attack.  I was sick and felt helpless in changing my life.  The doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder, however with David's help I healed my gallbladder with the practices of Medical Qigong. I began taking every Qigong class and workshop that David offered.  I also began the practice of Tae Kwon-Do taught by David and tested for my Red Belt with Grand Master Kwon Jae-Hwa. It was a mental, emotional, physical training and my life changed in ways that I never thought imaginable.  Live your best life and own your greatness. Qigong is a way..... "

Linda Whildin C.M.T, C.R.M.T, MQP - Boulder, CO March 9, 2018

Thanks to David, my story is now a story of healing, health, and prosperity.

I have been training with David for almost a year now. When David moved to Wilmington, I had been practicing Qigong sporadically for a month or so with an instructor who was in David’s certification program. Qigong seemed cool, but I had not had any previous experience with energy work and was, admittedly, skeptical. However, I had had breast cancer 3 times and was fed up with the options that Western medicine offered. I was overwhelmed with side effects and took a handful of pills a couple of times a day. When the cancer returned the third time, I was medical retired from the Army and my physical condition has deteriorated from being very physically fit to barely being able to walk a mile.

In the past year, I have trained with David in Qigong classes, Intensives, and private sessions, as well as participating in his healing clinics. Since beginning training, I have been able to stop taking 7 different prescription medications, lost 20 lbs., can run 5 miles, and am a certified Level 1 Qigong Instructor. The difference in my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being has been phenomenal. David is an amazing healer, instructor, and coach. My story for the past 8 years has been a story of cancer. Thanks to David, my story is now a story of healing, health, and prosperity.

Melissa L. Culbreth, MDIV, MA, QI-50 - Major-retired, US Army, Qigong Instructor Carolina Beach, NC March 9, 2018

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Absolutely best course I have ever taken…

Absolutely best course I have ever taken. And I have studied energy work for decades. The subject matter is sorely needed, The management and self cultivation practices is very much needed by energy workers. The teaching style was thorough, direct and very much appreciated. Having taken so many professional courses I hate wasting my time in classes that net little information. I have incorporated what I learned from the Medical Qigong workshop last June in both my acupuncture practice and energy practices and it is making a. Profound difference. Thank you for making this available and offering it at an affordable price.

Brittney Kurello, LAc - Chinchilla, PA March 6, 2018

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