Certified Qigong Instructor – Training Program – Level 1

Level I – Qigong Instructor (QI 50) – 50 hrs

This program is designed to be completed in one year*. It is the first level in the Qigong Instructor Training Program. After completing Level I you will be given the title Certified Qigong Instructor – QI 50, through Qigong Awareness, LLC. For example: Jasmine Lawrence, QI 50. You will also have met all the requirements to begin Level II of the Qigong Instructor Training Program.

This program allows for each student’s unique teaching style to emerge. We provide a solid base by instructing you how to teach a one-hour Qigong Exercise Routine. You will also learn additional Qigong Exercises that you can incorporate into your own unique routines. This Level I program is designed to prepare you to be a successful Qigong Instructor, capable of teaching a one-hour Qigong Class.

Grading System is pass or no-pass. This course is designed for motivated students. Complete all requirements on the checklist to pass this course. There is no testing, except for the online course intensives.

30 CEUs! – Acupuncturists & Massage Therapists: you can receive up to 30 CEUs for each level of our program. The approving boards are NCCAOM, FL State Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Boards, CA Acupuncture Board and Texas State Medical Board.

Lay people and retired professionals are encouraged to take this program for their own personal growth and healing.

*It is recommended to complete this Level in one year or less. The maximum allotted time period, to complete this level, is one year.

All students – Lay people and professionals will receive a certificate of completion from Qigong Awareness for each level of our program.

The Level I Program – 50 hrs

  • 30 hours – Two Live Intensives and/or Online Intensives – Any two Qigong Awareness Live or Online Intensives (15 hr Intensives) are required. You may also take the same live intensive more than once. You will learn in greater depth by retaking a live intensive, plus you will learn how to teach it to others with even greater confidence. (These two Intensives are not included in the Level I fee.)
  • 10 hours Daily Qigong Exercise Program*
    • Learn to Teach the Level I Qigong Routine: Alchemizing Stress & Restoring Balance. (one hour/day)When you feel confident with the Level I Qigong Routine, you may then practice other routines from the other intensives that you have taken, for your daily practice. Document your own daily practice – with documentation template provided in your enrollment packet.
  • 5 hours – Documented Qigong Instruction* Qigong Exercise Classes (Group & Private Instruction). Teach the Level I Qigong Routine, the basic template for creating your own class.
    These hours may be completed with five hours of Qigong instruction to one or more people.
  • 3 hours – Documented Medical Qigong Sessions* – Give a one-hour Medical Qigong session. Document giving a session – with documentation template provided in your enrollment packet. You may also divide a session into two 30 minute sessions rather than one full hour. Still document on the one hour sheet both of the 30 minute sessions on one page.
  • 2 hours – Documented Medical Qigong Sessions** – Receive a one-hour Medical Qigong session. Document receiving a session – with documentation template provided in your enrollment packet. You may also divide a session into two 30 minute sessions rather than one full hour. Still document on the one hour sheet both of the 30 minute sessions on one page.  Also now available is our monthly distance healing program with David J. Coon. One month of distance healing equals one hour of receiving a Medical Qigong Session. Click here for distance healing with David. 

*Please note: Hours can also be accrued by taking additional live workshops, online workshopsparticipating in supervised healing clinics, by receiving a private Medical Qigong Session and also taking additional classes with David J. Coon. You may use these hours to satisfy a part of the 20 documented hours listed above. Please email us at info@qigongawareness.com to confirm your documented hours.

**Online avenue available to satisfy the requirement of receiving a one-hour Medical Qigong Session: Monthly Distance Healing Program (One Month satisfies the requirement of  receiving a one hour Medical Qigong Session).


Level I  only $49/month for 12 months, for a total of $588

Or Save 15% by prepaying Only $499 if paid in full

Refund Policy: There are no refunds. No exceptions.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds. No exceptions.

Important: The two required 15 hr Intensives are not included in this price.

This all inclusive training program includes:

  • Course packet – emailed upon purchase includes:
    • introduction
    • instructions on completing Level I
    • templates for documentation hours
    • private video instruction links on how to teach a one-hour class
  • Private Video Instruction – how to teach a one-hour Qigong Class
  • Access to Private Qigong Awareness Facebook page for community support
  • Use of Certified Qigong Instructor logo at student’s current level for marketing purposes
  • Free Life-Time Advertising on Qigong Awareness website
  • Ready-to-frame certificate mailed to you with current level
  • Upon graduation you will receive an autographed copy of David J. Coon’s Qigong For Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health & Vitality.
  • Invitation to a small graduation ceremony at the close of live intensive (of your choice)

Another great value is that there are no membership fees, renewal fees, annual dues or advertising fees! Once you are a Qigong Awareness Certified Qigong Instructor you will have unlimited access to advertise your Qigong Classes on our Qigong Instructor Directory at www.QigongAwareness.com website ongoing (no extra fee).

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete Level I: QI-50, Qigong Instructor certification program? In general about one year. If you take the Medical Qigong Online Intensive and one Medical Qigong Live Intensive close together, theoretically you could complete the entire level I, in just a few months. Also, if you have previously taken one of our Live or Online Medical Qigong Intensives then you may complete Level I in an even shorter time frame.


If I plan to complete Level I: QI-50 quickly but I already started the monthly payments – how does that work? Great question. You may complete the Level I: QI-50 training before the 12 months of payments are done, however we will wait for your official graduation and final documents to be sent once final payment is received. You may ask for a pay off amount if you would like to finish early. You may also begin Level II: QI-100 even before receiving your final documents for Level I: QI-50, but will not be eligible to graduate from Level II: QI-100 until you have officially graduated from Level I: QI-50.

So, I can keep making the 12 monthly payments for Level I: QI-50 and then begin Level II: QI-100? Yes, you are welcome to do it that way also. You just won’t be able to officially graduate (and receive all final documents) from either level until final payment is received.

How often do you make new Medical Qigong Live Intensives? Another great question. We make a new Medical Qigong Live Intensive every one to two years. You may repeat any of our Live Medical Qigong Intensives for additional Qigong Awareness credit towards any of our Level Programs. The NCCAOM, CA Acupuncture Board, FL Acupuncture Board, CE Broker, FL Massage Board, NCBTMB and Texas Medical Board have approved each of our intensives to provide students credit one time each.

How often do you make a new Online Medical Qigong Intensive? Every one to two years. We create a new Medical Qigong Live Intensive and then record it and make it into an Online Medical Qigong Intensive.