Light Body

Quiz: Take This Revelatory Test:

Take a deep breath. Now Two more.

Okay: How many levels of mind and body are you aware of?

1) Can you sense the physical?
Note: If you cannot you must be physically dead!

2) Can you sense, are you aware of the emotional?
Note: If you cannot you are emotionally dead and therefore on your way to physical death more quickly then your neighbor who feels her emotions.

3a) Are you aware of your own intellect? If not, it is worth developing.
Note: If your not, your pretending to be stupid.

3b) Are you aware of your will? Are you aware that it is a level above your intellect and houses two levels of greater wisdom than your emotional self?
Note: If you are not then your emotions run you around and create or shall we say perpetuate your physical reality.

4) Are you aware of your capacity to love?
Note: If you are not, your pretending to be ignorant. And ignorance is bliss until it is not. If you are aware of it and not allowing it your in acute pain.

5) Are you aware of your capacity to love and your ability to allow love and your further ability to extend love?
Note: If you are but you are holding back you have throat issues, thyroid problems, etc. and you too are in acute discomfort! Your purpose seems unattainable because you are trying to do it alone. The doing gets done with a little bit of doing and a lot of allowing.

6) Are you aware of your psychic abilities?
Note: If you use them without heart, your just as tortured as the person who never discovered them.

7) Are you aware of “yourself,” the veil and the light on the other side? Are you losing your awareness of the physical while simultaneously expanding your awareness of your own physical nature beyond the body?
Note: If you are you do not need to read this.

8) Are you aware of yourself as an Infinite Being? Are you aware that you were never limited to the physical? That it was but a temporary dream that you gladly gave up when you came back to your higher senses (sixth and beyond) and remembered who you were and where you are?
Note: Even if you have the power to read these words and decipher their meaning which I am sure you do because you are now omniscient, I am still working on being able to truly and fully perceive you. So needless to say you do not need to read this but please feel free to do so if it brings you joy!