Time For New Year’s Resolutions!

Getting in shape is not just about the physical body. It’s not just about what you can or cannot eat. It is about your whole life.

Most people tend to look at everything in their life as separate. Their job is separate from their other relationships, how they make their money is separate from how they have fun, how their body feels is different than what is going on in their outer world.

There could not be anything further than the truth!

Qigong helped me to heal my spine of severe spinal disease. It helped me heal my anger. It helped me heal my past. It helped give me the energy to envision, to go to College and educate myself, heal my relationships, stay slim and trim and so much more!

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Your breathing is intimately entwined with how you feel. How you feel determines (for most people) what you eat. How you treat your body with or without movement (physical activity and exercise) determines how you think about your body.

How you think about your body is how you think about you.

Ok, enough background info – what to do? Pick up a new habit!

You might try Qigong. It can be done at home by anyone at any age and any fitness level. It works with your mind, your body, your breath, and your spirit.

It energizes, it heals and it will change what you crave and what you put in your mouth. It just does. Not all Qigong is created the same. There are many flavors. My particular variety combines physical effort and exercise, like that found in Kung Fu, with meditation practices, like those found in the Shaolin Temple or the Japanese Aikido School.

The exercises have nothing to do with fighting and everything to do with cleaning, cleansing and washing the mind, body, and emotions. This practice makes you a cleaner, healthier, happier version of you.

Qigong has helped me keep off the pounds over the years, stay slim and trim and has helped give me energy not only to go to the gym but also to recover from what I do there!

This practice helped me heal my spine of severe spinal disease. Therefore, I highly recommend it!


Power to you! David J. Coon


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