Qigong is a practice of ancient alchemy and self transformation. Traditionally Qigong is referred to as the skilled cultivation of universal life force or “Chi.” Chi is essentially energy. Energy is defined in physics as the ability to do work. When it comes to the human being this work has been referred to by the ancient masters as the great work.

The great work is all about self transformation, self transmutation and alchemy. It is all about turning the heavy energies associated with greed, guilt, shame, lust, anger, fear, jealousy, rage, depression, anxiety etc. into higher vibrations of light. The metaphor is that we are turning lead into gold. We are taking the same energy that makes up the lead and using it, heating it up and turning it into something of much greater value.

Qigong can be used as an everyday practice of meditation and mindfulness. It can be used to surmount daily challenges, stressful events and internal reactions to those events. There is an old saying “that which we resist persists.” If we resist any outer event too much (which is relative but in general) then we will most surely face that challenge again,

Our inner world attracts our outer reality of people, places, things and events, Take a look closely and you will see that this is true. If you want your outer world of people, places, things and events to change then you need to change on the inside. Contemplate this: people respond to you based on positions you are taking internally, energetic stances so to speak.

Have you ever heard that many dogs will attack you if you act afraid? Many, including scientists say they can smell the fear. Why would a dog attack you if you are showing signs of being afraid? Number one in the wild fear is the response of a less powerful creature, or potential prey. It is also because the dog instinctively figures that if you are feeling afraid you must be getting ready to attack so a lot of dogs will beat you to the punch so to speak and attack you first.

Do you think people pick up on any of these cues? Scientists have done studies on the subtle smells that are given off by our bodies that might attract or repel a mate. Cologne is designed to make that process work for you and perhaps help you attract a mate or please a date. In the case of the dog those are inner fear factors that are influencing the outer relationship with the dog. In the case of the cologne  this is an application to the outer that also effects someones inner world.

Could it be the same with internal energies? Could they have an impact on how those around us perceive us? How those around us interact with us? Absolutely!

Qigong practice is great for a twenty minute or even sixty minute exercise session. More than that though it is a practice that if you understand it and are intimate with it, then you bring it into your life when you need it most! You bring it into your life during the chaotic family Christmas and you use it yourself by going out into the grass and practicing it for ten minutes while the others are stressing out, having a few drinks and getting ready for dinner. You use it when you wake up the day after your boy friend broke up with you to change your mood, to bring you back to life and get you out in the world again. You use it to defeat your negativity when your mind keeps telling you that something isn’t possible. You reach up to the sky with your Qigong and you breath in existence and you say “Yes, yes I can. Yes I will.”

Qigong can be become your best friend and a big part of your lifestyle. When you see the benefits that come with it like peace of mind, clarity, energy, passion, lighter heart etc. you might just want to bring it with you wherever you go!