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Medical Qigong is a primary form of medicine in China that is being hailed around the world as a miracle medicine. Practitioners, masters and doctors of Medical Qigong scan the body’s energy fields for anomalies that might be causing physical disease, discomfort, pain, emotional stress etc. and they correct these imbalances. By correcting disruptive energy or anomalies in the normal flow of Chi in, around and through the body, the body is free to heal itself.

Medical Qigong is the father of the more modern Acupuncture and instead of using needles to correct imbalances in Chi flow a skilled practitioner can directly influence the Chi flow without even touching a patients body. Pain can be dissipated through a “drawing out” of stagnant energy, headaches can often be dissolved by stimulating digestion. Anxiety can be “evolved” through healing practices of Medical Qigong that use the anxiety for fuel changing unwanted negative emotions to more expansive emotions like unconditional love, peace and or joy.

When one becomes skilled in Qigong practice, the skilled practice of cultivating universal life force (Chi) for themselves then this practice can be built upon so as to facilitate healing for others. Without healthy Chi and a strong Qigong practice a Medical Qigong practitioner is of little use to his patients. So many practitioners of Massage, Energy Healing, Western Medicine, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture etc. do not care for themselves. They give and they give and they give but do not replenish themselves.  Eventually this cycle of perpetual giving will not work for practitioner or patient.

Most practitioners of Medical Qigong have a strong foundation in the regenerative practices of Qigong and regularly replenish that which they give away during treatments. Medical Qigong practitioners must stay on top of their game otherwise they themselves can succumb to burnout, fatigue and even illness. Studies have been done in China which show that Medical Qigong Masters emit strong currents of measurable energy. This energy is greater than that which is transmitted from Acupuncture alone.

Learning how to facilitate healing for others through Medical Qigong can be extremely fulfilling and is a great alternative career if you can find and participate in the training. Unlike Acupuncture there is no official licensing board at this time so the path to becoming a professional Medical Qigong practitioner is less defined which has pros and cons. If you are seeking training try to find a skilled practitioner someone that can demonstrate their healing abilities. From there watch, listen, learn and practice.

Medical Qigong is an exponential addition to your Acupuncture practice and will catapult the healing power of your Acupuncture sessions. For other types of therapists like massage therapists. counselors and others who are giving away much of their energy, Medical Qigong and Qigong practices will refuel and recharge their energy systems. It can also teach them how to hang onto their energy, keep stronger energetic boundaries and work more effectively.