Photo David light b & w “What we think, consciously and unconsciously, creates a collective “vibe” in our energy field. This field is by its own nature like a large body magnet. It draws unto us and our body, experiences of other people and/ or events that match that collective “vibe,” that has been created by both consciousness and energy.

If we do not like what we are observing in our lives then we must change all the way down to the subconscious mind and to its associated energy fields.

If we want to see our lives evolve and improve we have no other real alternative. We have to change our energy. We have to change what we are “vibing” with.

Philosophy alone can never change a person’s reality. The reality will only shift when the mind truly accepts a new perception, a new belief system, a new paradigm. And that is only going to happen if the energy shifts.

In Medical Qigong healing sessions I exercise a profound and mastered skill. I work on changing the fields of energy and increase their “vibe” (vibratory rate).

This actually gives the mind an experience of a new “vibe” a new and expanded energetic state and a feeling of expansiveness.
I often times couple that experience with ancient spiritual philosophies and modern scientific wisdom. Although these are not enough in and of themselves, they can be planted like seeds of thought into the new energetic state which is like a fertile garden.

This brings the actual experience of expansion and prosperity into your outer world of people, places, events etc. because you have truly made the inner energetic shift.

Once the inner energetic state shifts, the outer reality falls right into place because- it is the inner energetic state that is always creating the outer reality.

Most people do not know how to do this work at all. So they are at the whims of what is held in the subconscious mind. That is why master teachers and gurus and so forth refer to humanity as “asleep.” That is also in part why Jesus and other masters said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

Because as long as we remain unaware of what we are thinking and as long as we remain locked into this old and worn out energetic state we have no choice but to repeat our ways. This goes for the individual as much as it goes for humanity at large.
If you are to truly bring this work about in your life, find a teacher. Find a master. You need more then a book, you need more then a philosophy. When you embark upon the actual healing process know that it is a commitment. It will not happen in a day and yet when the shift actually happens it will happen in an instant! That’s right an instant.

Your mind must be entrained to the new energetic state until it holds that state as a norm. When that expanded state becomes your new norm, fantastic life is the only thing before you.

Do not try and invent the wheel, learn form a teacher or a guru or an elder or a master how to ride the bike or how to surf the wave!

The most selfish thing you can do is heal yourself.
The most selfless thing you can do is heal yourself.”