video-qi-gong-for-energy You Are Infinite Mind!

You live in Infinite Energy!

That also means you live in Infinite Possibility!

Can You Get Your Own Mind Around That?
What you think, what you believe, what you expect you create!
No new thinking, no new possibility!
No new thinking, no new beliefs, no new opportunities, instead, same stuff different day.

You can consciously think yourself in a direction right outside whatever box you have created!
Every box is energetic! Every box is a container made of energy!

You and I, we have dominion over energy!

We just have to know how to think and how to speak and how to move in ways that exemplify our own inheritance and true nature.We were created in the likeness of The Creator. We have the power to create! When is the last time a rock picked you up or a tree cut you down?
As loving as dogs are, they do not yet rule the world.

What lives in you is quite powerful.
What lives in you can be used for hate or for love.
You choose. And whatever you give you will most certainly experience and reap.
So live consciously, live kindly.

Realize. Realize that you instruct energy. You instruct it and tell it what to do.
Not in just a moment here or there but all the time.

What are you telling the energy right now?

There was a reason that the ancient teachings said “know thyself first.”

They said that because we need to know ourselves and what we think and what we feel because it is determining what we create.

Qigong and Medical Qigong are conscious practices that work with energy. They in fact instruct the energy and tell it what to do, what to become, how to become. These practices can be used for health purposes and can just as easily be used to create whatever you focus upon.