BMHC_140916_9759 Where does the power to heal yourself live?What about the power to facilitate healing for another?What about the power to really change your life for the better?Where is this power?Is it on a shelf somewhere?Is it in a secret formula you have not discovered yet?

Look no further then the palm of your hand. That is right. This close to you, this power has been and all the while you thought your hand was empty.

What you seek you have but until you see it, until you see what it can do, you will not believe that it is there.

GREATNESS lives in the palm of your hand. It does.

But it is invisible. It is hidden. It is therefore largely ignored by the masses.

Can the hand or hands be used to bring fourth the power of the heavens, the great power of the Tao to channel fourth love, life, compassion and CHI?

Can you use your hands to heal yourself?

Can you use your hands to facilitate healing for others?

Take a look at your hand. Whatever its condition, even if you cannot lift it, it contains the power to heal!

The hand is an extension of the mind. Because the mind has the power to heal, the hands also have the power to heal. But understand that MIND is more than just brain.

When I was in my teens I had a lot of mental stress as well as emotional and physical pain. My body hurt. My back hurt! My mind hurt and I was angry and distraught. My doctors told me that I would be crippled by the time I was thirty. They told me in my early twenties that my spine looked like I was eighty five years old.

I saw the x-rays. I saw the fused vertebrae and arthritis and curvature and it was very disturbing.
In my case, the physicians said that there was nothing that they could do for me. They said surgery was not an option. I sought emotional healing to better deal with what I was facing but I could see that it was not going to heal my spine. So I kept seeking.

Early on I began receiving treatments from a Chiropractor and although that seemed to help I continued to get worse. I then went to see a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Martial Arts Master. I began learning Qigong from both of them, yet from very different perspectives.

Neither one of them though called it Qigong. It wasn’t until years later that I ever heard the word. In my late teens and early twenties I began having experiences of heat and energy in my hands. I had been practicing many hours for many days, for a few years and then I began to notice it. I asked my teachers about it and more and more I began to learn about Chi. I realized that these experiences that I was having were very common in Asia and that I was awakening something within me.

I began discovering other teachers and other teachings and I began to experience Chi very profoundly. I began to have what one might call mystical experiences. These experiences are often dismissed by people tied to western science and that is most appropriate because western science cannot yet measure mystical experience.

Every year I began delving deeper and deeper into healing myself. After ten years of study, practice and treatments I was very discouraged to hear that not only had my spine not healed but it was getting worse. Doctors talked about my spine crushing my lungs and other internal organs. I was experiencing pain, some asthma and some anxiety.

During that year I practiced diligently. I also began receiving concentrated energetic based Medical Qigong treatments and healing sessions. During some of these concentrated healing sessions I had an experience where energy moved through my body so profoundly that it is hard to explain. I had several separate experiences like this. One day I was standing there with my shirt off and my father was stunned. He said “your spine!” I said “what?” He said “your spine. It’s…straight!” I said “what are you talking about?” I went in to the doctor’s office to get to x-rays and see for myself.

Sure enough it was healed! My spine was straight, healthy and happy. No more arthritis, no more fused vertebrae, no more curvature. That was pretty fantastic, so much so I can hardly explain. What was just as great was that my heart was healing, my emotional pain was healing, my anxiety was lessening, my world was opening up to greater possibility! Love was returning.

During this time of my life I practiced various forms of Qigong. Martial Qigong, Medical Qigong, Enlightenment Qigong, what some refer to as Quantum Qigong and so on. What was best though was that I was exercising my hands in ways that brought healing unto my own body. I spent many hours waving and laying hands over my body. In my early twenties I also began laying my hands over other people’s bodies. Sometimes touching, sometimes just hovering.

I watched and witnessed people relax, breathe and quiet themselves for a moment. I have also watched people cry and release past pain and emotion. I have seen people shake off trauma and I have seen people charged with energy. I have even seen medical miracles.

I have done my own research with both Qigong and Medical Qigong and I can tell you (as a once average Caucasian male who had pain and disease) that these ancient healing arts can help you to exercise the healing power that lives in the palm of your hand.

There is a reason there are people referenced as Masters of Qigong. Why? Most importantly because Qigong is a practice and a skill. Qigong actually means the skilled cultivation of universal life force. Life force can be thought of as energy. So Qigong then is the skilled practice of gathering energy. It requires some effort and some consistent practice. If you like it though, it is easy to do. Almost anybody can practice it, you do not have to be flexible or young nor do you need to be old.

In Asia Qigong is practiced by the young, the middle aged, the elderly, martial arts masters, doctors etc. Over eight million people practice Qigong daily in China.

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