013 Healing can only happen beyond time and space. Outside of time and space.

When we are contracted, stressed and in resistance we are very much in time. We are not in the present moment but rather in time.

Einstein and other great physicists have spoken at length on the illusion of time. Simply put: we create it. We create the illusion of it and we experience it as if it is real. Time is very much related to perception.

To heal ourselves and expand our personal realities we must take a time out. In fact we must take many time outs.

What you want does not live over there. If you think it does then you will create time and make it very difficult for yourself to get it.

SO if it is health for example you seek stop the intensity of the effort to get it. Instead practice relaxation.

Relaxation takes us out of time and places our awareness on the Infinite. Only in the Infinite can we access the Infinite and in accessing the infinite create an expansive version of what we have been living.

When you focus on creating something you desire and then all the resistance comes to tell you that you cannot have it, notice that. Do not just notice it, let it rise up as an energy from your belly and let it travel out the crown. Let the worry go. Let it go energetically. And then let go of your attachment to if or when you will ever get this thing, like health for example. Just let go, surrender.

The truth is that if you are ever going to get it. Its just going to happen. You can work towards it, whatever it is but without the letting go and the surrender and the time out, forget about it, you will not be able to create it.

So today if you are stressed about something, try relaxing. Try telling yourself to practice doing nothing. Sit by a rock. Practice literally doing nothing for ten minutes today. It will go a long way in helping you to create what you have been trying so hard to create or achieve.