Chi Gong on the rocks

Chi Gong on the rocks

Is it possible to heal your body at the same time you are working on healing your relationships, your career? Is it possible to bring healing to your self and to your family at the same time? Is it possible to heal old emotional wounds while working simultaneously on the pain in your right hip? Is everything interconnected in life? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Yes it is possible to heal many aspects of your life simultaneously. How would one go about doing that? There is an ancient practice through which one can heal all things a practice that revolves around connecting to the universe itself, breathing and taking it into our bodies and using it, harnessing it and expanding it. This practice is know as Chi Gong (Qigong).

Through Chi Gong practice we consciously work with our breath. To the masters of Chi Gong there is a universal life force energy that rides on the breath that can be gathered and used for various purposes including self healing. We also know that from western science that oxygen molecules ride on our breath and oxygen gives us life. Without it for even six minutes and we will die. 75% of all of the toxins in your blood are  removed through your exhalation and the removal of carbon dioxide. At least they are supposed to be. After the old stagnant breath is removed from the body you can then fill yourself back up with both oxygen and Chi.


Stress, a major player in health issues and disease causes problems in large part because it keeps us holding our breath. When we hold our breath we cut ourselves off from our connection to the cosmos. We also begin to slowly but surely poison ourselves. Our blood becomes toxic and we can slowly begin to create disease. The immune system specifically the lymphatic system will try and clean up the blood. Normally it can handle its job as long as the exhalation is cleaning up the majority of the blood stream but if it is not, the blood becomes toxic and then so does the lymph system.

When the lymph system becomes toxic, cancer can become a major problem. We have cancer cells being removed from our body on a daily basis by the lymph system but when the lymph system cannot keep up with the workload it can succumb to cancer. Other forms of sickness can also obviously occur from toxic blood. So having clean blood is key to good health and is key to cancer prevention. What about our relationships to others and to life itself? How does one feel if one has “sick” blood?

Chi Gong practice cleans up the breath, the blood and lymph system. By cleaning up the breath, blood and lymph system you create a cleaner, clearer vessel and vehicle for self expression. This in turn can have a dramatic impact on your mood, your attitude, your outlook on life and subsequently affect every area of your life. With Chi Gong practice though we begin all of this with learning how to breathe and how to gather to ourselves first oxygen and then Chi. I say first oxygen because maybe that is easier to get your mind around. In time when you feel the tingling in your blood and the subtle energy in your body building you may realize that this is not only a high from new oxygen, new breath and the release of carbon dioxide and old breath but that there is something even more happening.

As we remove toxic breath, carbon dioxide and old Chi from our bodies, especially our bellies we begin to soften and strengthen internally. We begin to feel better. We begin to feel better! Any idea how much better your life is when you feel better? Most people are looking to feel better when they finally get or accomplish something they are trying to get or accomplish. For many they never feel better because “it” never comes. What if I feel better after Chi Gong practice and my mood and attitude are elevated? Will that have an affect on my outer world? I guarantee you it will!

They did a study at Harvard University with people around the concept or perception of being lucky. They found that people who believed themselves to be lucky experienced significantly more lucky events and serendipity than people who did not consider themselves to be lucky. The idea and comparison here is that perception of how things are makes a huge difference in terms of what you experience next! Feel good today and have a better outlook today because of it and other opportunities are coming that will match your new and improved mood.

Chi Gong is a powerful self centered practice designed to address the source of problems and the source of solutions- namely you. But not just you but you and your connection to a greater whole. When we breath in that whole or when we breath in greater amounts, so to speak of that whole, we fill ourselves up. Chi Gong (Qigong) is traditionally referred to as the skilled cultivation of universal life force. It is a practice of gathering Chi, a practice of gathering universal life force or energy. It is a potent practice that invigorates, revitalizes and restores health and well being and yes they go together. In fact health, well being and prosperity all go together it just makes common sense. Chi Gong (Qigong) practice begins with one of the most important things in the universe, you!