photo-david-bw Chi (also spelled Qi) is defined as a universal life force. It moves in, around and through us. We can think of Chi as raw vital energy. Abundant Chi is associated with good health, well being and happiness. Stagnating Chi or weak Chi is associated with low energy, fatigue, illness and a life that seems “stuck” or dried up. Some refer to Qigong as a Taoist form of meditation. Medical Qigong is actually a primary form of medicine in China. Both practices emphasize the role of Chi in our overall state of health and well being.

Qigong is defined as “the skilled cultivation of universal life force.” It is a practice that allows one to purposefully gather and store energy from the cosmos. There are many different styles of Qigong and many different Masters of Qigong. Some Masters are interested in practicing Qigong for the health benefits others practice for the purpose of adding hidden powers to their martial arts. Some Masters practice Qigong for the purpose of facilitating healing for others like Medical Qigong Masters and some practice Qigong for spiritual metaphysical purposes.

The benefits of this mysterious practice are quite remarkable. It is common to see practitioners in the park in China who have healed themselves of cancer and other forms of illness and disease. It is also common to see people who were diagnosed as terminally ill still practicing in the park three years past their “deadline”. Martial Art and Qigong Masters are known for giving impressive demonstrations of board, brick and even ice breaking. There are Masters of Martial Arts like Tai Chi and Aikido who can throw an opponent much larger than they are without even touching them.

Qigong healers and Medical Qigong Masters dissolve tumors, heal pain, illness and dis-ease often times without even touching a patient. Meditation Masters will sit or stand in meditation for hours blissed out developing a deep inner peace. There are so many things that can be done with Chi but in order to experience any of them practice is usually required. Some may gain benefit from healing sessions with a Master as some Masters can transmit strong currents of healing energy. In such cases the client or student need do nothing but sit or lie down to receive the energy from the Master’s practice. These energies have been measured in China to be as great as 1000 times the current of energy running through the average person. Some will desire to learn to become their own Master and all it requires is the right education from someone who knows how to do the work and then extensive hours and commitment to personal practice.

By David J. Coon
February 2014 Issue