Let Discomfort Be Your Teacher

Typically we do not like discomfort, in fact most of us resist it.

We try and go the other way  rather than go through it.

Without realizing it, we are seeking pleasure and we are avoiding pain.

Pleasure and pain of course are subjective and are determined by us.

Our perceptions of pleasure and pain are based upon our previous experiences.

The Art of Seeking and Never Finding

This way of living and being can be called the art of seeking and never finding.

It sets us up to seek past pleasure and when we do not get the past pleasure we seek, we often seek even more intensely while simultaneously  avoiding  what we believe will cause us pain. We really do not know what we are doing so we will either try harder or just feel defeated and give up trying.

Either way when there becomes too much of this internal and external push pull in our lives we will experience pain, discomfort and dis-ease. which can of course turn to all kinds of emotional stress as well as physical illness.

We can come to think, feel and say things like “What am I doing wrong?” “Why does it seem like the universe or God is against me?” Or “”What is wrong with me?”

So if you are uncomfortable in your life, in your body, in your consciousness than it would be really helpful for you to know that this discomfort is trying to teach you something!

Wake up now. Take a few deep breaths because this is where you need more information so that you can make sense out of this process.

Remember how the process begins: as a child you have experiences, from these experiences you create a list of what you like and what you do not like. As you grow into your adulthood your “ego mind” (mind based on me, myself and I) says I like that, I do not like that, I will seek this and I will avoid that. The thinking goes that if I am successful in attaining the experiences I want and if I avoid the experiences I do not want then I will be most happy and most successful. Not to mention survive.

Problem is that whether we realize it or not we are being called by existence itself to evolve!

All of the planets are following the sun, even your DNA is following the pull of the sun in a spiralic fashion through the galaxy. Do you think that somehow your consciousness would  be left behind? 

No chance! You are being called to evolve!

 The discomfort is more than not getting….. what you think you want….

You see this is part of the problem, thinking you even know what you want. If you ever get to a place where you say to yourself “I don’t even know what I want anymore,” this is a great place of discomfort and yet a great place for evolution and growth to occur. Yes you read that correctly!

Not knowing what you want is actually a requirement for your evolutionary process and so is temporarily not knowing who you are. It does not have to last long. But for a moment or two or three to realize that you have been basing what you want upon your past experiences.

You have been basing what you want on highs and lows of yesterday. Basing your reality on who you have come to symbolize, in other words all of it, your hair, where you live, your name, your education etc. all seem to now define who you are. And….and those attributes are a collective of a life seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

But that is not you, you are the actor, the actress and maybe it is time for a new role or even better a higher calling!

If we resist discomfort, avoid pain and seek pleasure we are stuck in a viscous cycle called yesterday.

If we rather allow discomfort to be our teacher and we use it and embrace it and ask it what its lesson is, it will guide us to go through it to something greater. In fact a higher level of consciousness exists beyond that and it is based on flow, unity, love, thriving, present moment, etc.

How do we go through the discomfort to the other side of it?

Through Qigong (Chi Gong) practice we can learn to breathe deep space into the tension and resistance that we feel. We can accept it rather than reject it. We can intend to deeply understand its lesson. All of us are in a birthing process. In nine months we could be living a radically improved life in comparison to what we are living today but so many are afraid to let discomfort be their guide rather than their nemesis.  It is something to embrace not avoid. Something to breathe into not resist.

This philosophy and understanding is critical to our success and yet without a practice like Qigong most will not be able to bring about the transformation. It’s just too hard. We are too locked into the past and the search and too identified with our false present which is false because it was created out of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. So we really do not know who we are.

Who would we be without reactions, without resistance, without fear, without tension and worry and concern?

Just a quieter, happier, healthier version of who you are now living a much more improved and much more peaceful life. That’s all! Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

Qigong (Chi Gong)

These are deep “spiritual” teachings, teachings about who you really are, how to transcend ego based awareness, how to reveal Spirit and so on and so on.

Yet without the basic understanding then there is no cause perhaps for practice. If you understand that discomfort plus Qigong breathing and energy cultivation get’s you evolution, gives you freedom from your past pain etc. then you might be much more willing to then participate in the practice. And if  you are already involved in the practice and you do your exercises in the park but never thought of it in this particular vein then you may be able to catapult the impact that Qigong practice has on your life as a whole.


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