BMHC_140916_9572 Awareness is difficult to describe. How do you describe heightened awareness or elevated awareness to one who does not have it? It is difficult to converse about expanded awareness yet many teachers, sages and gurus have tried. One way to simplify our discussion is to break awareness into levels.

One level of awareness is that of the physical. That is a level of awareness. There is the level of the emotional and that too is a level of awareness. There is the level of the mental and this can be called the third level of our awareness. These three levels of awareness make up the physical, emotional and mental capacities of our being. Are we only physical beings? No we are clearly not, we can think and we feel various emotions of sadness, anger, fear, jealousy, rage love, compassion, kindness and more. We are also mental beings and have the capacity to think, rationalize, believe and so on.

For most people these three levels of awareness constitute their reality. They think, they feel and they are a physical body. Healing is the journey of going beyond these three dimensions as awareness, as consciousness, as sentience. How does awareness transcend the mental, emotional and physical reality which is limited to bodies and limited to the physical dimension? Well the transcendence of the lower levels begins, as awareness moves into the heart center. The heart center is the first level of awareness that is metaphysical, beyond the physical.

The heart center can open and close just like your hand. It can contract and ball up like a fist or it can open and remain in a relaxed state. For most people the heart center is closed like a tight fist. They of course have no awareness of this and it is held tight unconsciously. It has become habit. That level of awareness has been tuned out by most people. To most people it does not exist. What is more accurate is that it does not exist to them currently because they are unaware of the heart center’s existence. You see the heart center is not just a chakra, it is not just a vortex of energy, it is a field of energy and that field of energy is connected to an infinite field of energy.

Can healing happen without this heart field? Yes and no. You may heal a cut on your hand or have surgery to remove a cancer and be successful. When we talk about healing though in this regard we are talking about the bigger picture. We are talking about unity consciousness, we are talking about soul healing. We are talking about inner peace and a deep sense of belonging to life, to existence to something that is infinite. To tap into this aspect of ourselves, this level of awareness takes work. In fact it has been called the great work for many thousands of years. It is not easy but it is great. It is the kingdom of heaven, it is the Tao, it is source, it is our immortality. The heart is the source of love and compassion and healing and more.

In the same way that the stomach digests food, the heart has the ability to digest your emotional past.
The emotional past is held energetically in the second level of awareness called the emotional body. The emotional body is associated with the second chakra. Most human beings on the planet today are “stuck” in their second chakra. When we say stuck we are referring to the awareness being stuck there. The highest level of awareness that you are, has become attached to this lower level of emotional awareness. This is a level of awareness that says I am and I feel. People are large on the planet are addicted to what they feel and they are addicted to both good and bad feelings.Without being aware of such activity people will live out of habit and live out of internal programming based on their pasts. So in this way they are always recreating the past with new names and faces perhaps but same stuff different day. Most disease stems from emotional toxicity. Of course many will say that they are not emotional. Again this hints to unawareness.

In order to change this dynamic and heal ourselves we must cause both energy and consciousness to rise up into the heart. This to me, is the essence of Qigong practice. Qigong goes beyond the words and the philosophies of what it means to be enlightened and healed and so on and goes about the business of bringing that forth. Qigong in general is a practice of cultivating Chi or what the Chinese people call universal life force but there is a bigger picture to the practice and again requires awareness to go deeper. One could practice Qigong their whole life and never open their heart center, for it takes awareness to know to open the heart. Some will trip into it. It is possible. It is also possible to practice with conscious effort, attention and awareness and cause the heart to open again. True love, compassion and kindness happens in the heart center. When we live from that level of awareness our perception of the world around us changes very profoundly.